Facebook Reviews from Dolls I know😻

Kristina Garza is a facebook Doll of mine. She gave some great tips on eyelashes, wanna hear them..I thought you would! 

  1. Ladies don’t get me wrong fake eyelashes are great but don’t damage your goods with the right mascara and water proof you won’t need fake eyelashes 
  2. #1 tip) use Vaseline in between night time or when your just at home with out make up to grow no matter the size they will grow #2 tip) use covergirl long lash mascara and brush them
  3. #3 tip) use Maybelline lots of lash and brush them
  4. #4 tip) use wet n wild max volume and brush them 

And your done the are long thick and beautiful no need of glue twisers or fake eyelashes. 

Kristina is a Doll 😻


Lady Stargazer 💅🏾


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