Natural Hair products and what women useπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ

Hey Dolls, 

I asked a question to my social media dolls, and my (Krewe of Athena Carnival Club Sisters), they gave me some interesting insight and information on natural hair. Background: I am more natural with my hair now that I am almost 40 (37.5), than I have ever been in my life. It all began after I was in a car accident a few years ago. It hurt to wash, comb my hair, curl or style it. I found myself going to the hair salon weekly because it was beneficial for me. 

I decided to try out hair extensions to make life easier on my bruised and beat up body. Five years later, I am still in that zone. However, my last decision to get highlights damaged my hair and my hair goddess cut it out. I was partially natural and hardly showed my natural hair so it didn’t matter to me. 

My question for my friends were: what are some of your favorite products: hair, makeup, etc., and why. My natural hair Dolls gave good responses: Daja & Shawanda’s responses below: 

“Hair must have: Eden Bodyworks Coconut leave in conditioner. I’m natural, & this helps my hair with frizz. It’s not heavy, smells great, & helps my curls look great.”

“I’m natural as well and have to say I cannot live without my total hair regime from the Soap Dyva! She comes to our Farmer’s Market at NFC. But my “go to” is simple…water! Dry natural hair won’t work; dry skin won’t help you look any younger or less like an alligator; a dry face make for cakey makeup. The less products on my face and hair, the better. Start simple and end up fierce!”

Daja extended her ideas with pros & cons to natural hair: 


1. Versatility – i can go from curly to straight to a ponytail

2. Don’t have to go to a hairdresser – i was tired of spending all of my time with my hairdresser

3. I can wash & go – no time spent under hairdryers

4. I don’t fret if i don’t have an umbrella – my hair loves water 

5. My curls cause conversation

Cons: Cons

1. Time consuming in the beginning – have to learn how to manage

2. Costly in the beginning – have to figure out which products workout best for your pattern

3. My hair color doesn’t seem to last as long with natural hair

These are my KOA sister and they always come through for each other. πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š
More Products to use on a budget: 

  1. Carols Daughter – Carol’s Daughter Marula Curl Therapy 3-pc. Starter Kit. JCpenny has this kit for $26.00.
  2.  Or, you can buy Carol’s Daughter products from Walgreens or Target. Use you phone number at check out at walgreen and earns points for $$ on future purchases. 
  3. At target, you can sign up for their red card and earns discounts through their cartwheel app. If you don’t get the credit card, you can still earn discounts buy getting the debit account red card from target. 
  4. Kera Care anti itch shampoo, for a dry/ itchy scalp. It smells excellent, minty! 
  5. Kera Care anti itch conditioner
  6. Kera Care Edge Tamer
  7. Redken extreme anti-snap line: buy 2, get one free & free shipping at: 
  8. Mizani Scalp care Shampoo 
  9. Mizani Scalp Care Conditioner




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