Game of thrones fashion and failures👣👣🗣

Monday Review: House Stark’s fashion and failures: 

  1. House stark continues to struggle getting men to support them. 
  2. They are fashionable in their quest, but failing to gain major support with only 62 new men in their ranks besides the wildlings. 
  3. People hate the starks in the north for Robb stupid ass marriage (yes, I said it, lol) to the foreign girl a few seasons back. The north always remembers.
  4. Frye: they make me completely sick, the entire lot of them. 
  5. Edmure, poor ratched soul, your own uncle doesn’t  want you. The old guard of the stark family still remembers the red wedding. 
  6. What is Sensa up to in writing that letter? Hopefully shes learned her lesson from trying to keep people in the dark, or she may find herself on the pointy side of Jon Snow’s valeryian steel sword😎
  7. Poor Arya, just cant seem to catch a break, or so it seems🤓
  8. The hound is back! Dont know how I feel about that! Just when you think redemption comes for him, the new “family” he has is murdered and the old hound we love and hate comes back😎
  9. Jamie Lannister: no comment! 😑
  10. Last nights episode was 8 minutes short: GOT & HBO OWES US MORE TIME🤔

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