The Category is…finding love after divorce ♥️

Many people are, during this never-ending pandemic, finding themselves in difficult situations due to relationship trials and tribulations. However, one persistent question for people in failed relationships is: Can you find love again after a messy divorce? For Singer and songwriter, Chante’ Moore, she has been able to accomplish this.

Therefore, the next question is…How do you navigate finding love after divorce? I am not a divorce expert, but I have friends who have, and currently are navigating this blaze of a hurricane. One main point would be to jump right into the dating scene again.

Many of the friends I know have found that dating during a global pandemic, to be a little difficult. Now, you are back where you were years ago: trying to figure out the minefield of dating, with a pandemic in our mist. As we all know, dating in 2021, during a pandemic 😷 is totally different from dating 5 or 10 years ago. Heck, navigating clubs, bars, and Starbucks (when it’s open), can be stressful for us either way.

Leave a comment on your thoughts for this post. Or, share this blog post and ask the people you know to come on by and let us know how they have navigated dating and divorce during this time period.

Congratulations to Chante’ and her now fiancé, Stephen on love after divorce!


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