When the Bride and Groom fight over food for the wedding, who wins? 

I was married almost 11 years ago. My Groom said, whatever you want. When it came to the food he was sure to be there. We had frog legs! Yes, nasty frog legs! Of course, I didn’t eat a single one but he supposedly did, (he was drunk, most of the time). 

I had a blast. We both did and the fashion was everything. Except, the girl who wore a red dress, when the wedding was summer colors and in July! For new brides and grooms, the food is the most fashionable part of the reception. It shows your taste, class and esthetic! Always make sure the food can pop just as well as your music and wedding dress. 

Remember, cake, food and wedding dress are the key tools for an awesome wedding. Oh course the couple showing up and saying I do, helps!!! 💜💜💜💜

Wedding food and marriage
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