Tradesy has changed some policies for their sellers! How and what does this mean

Tradesy,, is an online retailer site where people can buy amd sell new, like new, used and pre loved designer items. Recently, they have sent emails out changing some of their policies: 

1. International Buying expansion
What: Shoppers outside of the U.S. can now buy on Tradesy! There’s no extra cost or steps for you to sell and ship to international buyers. When you make a sale outside of the U.S., you’ll ship to our domestic distribution center, and we’ll forward the package to your buyer from there. 

Why: Your audience of Tradesy buyers just got bigger! Reaching international shoppers means you can sell more on Tradesy than ever before. 
2. Held Funds policy update
What: For sales that occur from today forward, all seller earnings will be held in our system for up to 4 days (96 hours) after your sold item is delivered to the buyer. During that holding period, your funds will appear as “Pending Earnings” in your account. As always, once your earnings become available, you can use them to shop on Tradesy, or withdraw to a bank account, credit card, or PayPal. 

Why: This brief holding period helps Tradesy to ensure the security and authenticity of every purchase, which increases buyer trust and sales. 
3. Verified Seller badge removal
What: Your Verified Seller badge will continue to be visible to you from within your account, but will no longer appear on the site where buyers can see it. 

Why: We have no evidence that the Verified Seller badge increases your sales on Tradesy, and have received feedback that some buyers find it confusing.  


Lioness Stargazer 


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