The move begins for Suits actress, Philanthropist, and bride to be of Prince Harry.

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Per People: “Markle will live with Harry at his two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace, where staff already know Markle.”

It’s been well-reported that Markle quit her television showSuits, and is moving to across the pond. However, it was unclear whether or not she’d be living with her royal beau or if they’d stay in separate quarters for the time being. This, for fervent Harry/Meghan superfans, is the clearest sign yet that the two are destined to be together forever.

But don’t start planning your royal wedding attire just yet: Kate Middleton and Prince William lived together for awhile before they were engaged.

We know, we know, we hate to put a damper on engagement rumors. There’s so little joy in this world! So, instead, focus on this excellent tidbit: People also says that “Harry has been making subtle changes at home in order to make it more girlfriend-friendly.”

Adorable? Yes. But it also leads us to wonder why exactly Prince Harry needs to girlfriend-proof his place. Has he covered priceless works of art with rugby paraphernalia or something? Is he one of those guys that only has beer and mustard in the fridge? Whatever the reason, he’s in luck—as a former lifestyle blogger, Markle’s surely got some great interior decor tips up her polished sleeve.

It is indeed wonderful, if these details are correct above that we will usher in a New American Royal to England. The Crown will forever be more inclusive. Prince Harry has always been a favorite and now he’s the best! No shade towards Prince WIlliam, of course!!!! 🙂

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