I took a break from masking. I was being lazy and now my skin is mad at me.

  • My skin is not having it this week. I was doing such a good job using my L’oreal Clay Mask and Clay wash. I was being responsible and determined to overturn these skin blemishes and these hateful skin texture issues, lol! But nooooooo, I wanted to slide back into my lazy skincare ways and now my skin is spitting mad and breaking out.
  • My skin just told me, please not today Lioness, we do not want to hear your excuses. Stop being lazy and get back into skincare formation. So, yes I fell off of the skincare band wagon and I am getting what I deserve, breakouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Here is a snapshot above of what I am currently using on my skin. The L’oreal Clay Mask and face wash is the truth. I purchased both from Target. It’s actually cheaper at Target. If you use your redcard you can receive an additional five percent off.
  • L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Cleanser is only $5.89 at Target. You must use the cleanser first, then the mask for best results according to the packaging and looking at a great youtube video on it.

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