Are companies doing enough to keep their employees?

For this post we look at the luxury and retail industries. These

industires have always seemed to have a hard time keeping long-term

employees. However, they are bring in billion dollar quarterly reports.

According to Resume IO, there are several companies by their industry

alone, their employees, do not wish to leave them.

1. Giorgio Armani has a median tenure (employee years with the company), of 6.2.

2. Patek Philippe – Luxury watch brand – 5.8 years.

3. Dolce & Gabbana – Luxury fashion house – 5.5 years.

4. Prada – Luxury fashion house – 5.4 years.

5. Tiffany & Co, – Luxury Jewerly, and Homewares Brand – 5.0 years.

6. Bulgari – Luxury Jewerly Brand – 5.0 years.

7. Rolex – Luxury watch brand – 5.0 years.

8. Burberry – Luxury fashion house – 4.8 years.

9. Omega – Luxury fashion house – 4.7 years.

10. Chanel – surprising is only 4.6 years. This is the lowest employee

tenure of a luxury brand identifed in the report by Resume IO.

Image from Resume IO online
Image from Resume IO online

In closing it is important to understand that employee retention is more

unpredictable in the luxury/fashion industry than any other industry.

The reason goes towards the luxe industries visibility on social media

for their brand. Sadly, the fashion houses have a hard time keeping

their in house movers and shakers. Yes, luxury industry employees are

their (in house) movers and shakers. These women and men are the

reason our love for Chanel, Prada, and Tiffany is possible.

xoxo 4373fashionlane


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