Can former soulmates comeback to each other?

If you’re like us, you’re wondering can we find our forever like Jennifer and Ben. That’s Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were talking about if you’re wondering. Back in the early 2000s, 2002 per say, Jen and Ben were two star crossed lovers almost to the wedding chapel. Unfortunately, they broke up and went their separate ways. Now, 17 or more years later, these two former lovers are back together and trying to make it work with their blended families. Here is a clip where E! News is reporting on their blended family outing from this weekend.

Miller & Blumeberg, 2021 asked, in their article, Are Soul mates Actually Real. For them, there is that, “one person who is destined to be your other half.” What happens if you’re married, but don’t feel your spouse is (the one)? Well, for Jennifer, being with someone who was not “her one and only,” allowed her to keep trying until she found herself, like the Brian McKnight song, Back at One. Check out that beautiful song below if you’ve never heard it.

It’s like you never knew that you could ever see yourself apart from that person. Then, there is a breakup. You fall in love with other people. Finally, fate steps in, if you believe in fate. We do! Next, your are back at the one place with your…you guessed it: soulmate.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Please follow us for more content, and leave a comment about this article. Do you have a soulmate? Or, are you still looking for that final love of your life.


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