In the news…Royal Coronation set for King Charles, III. How will the royal rota turn this event into a Harry and Megahn bashing.

Here we go! The date is set. May 6, 2023, will have King Charles, III crowned king. Prince Harry’s father and Duchess Meghan’s father in law is going to be crowned. We are going to light candles, lol, for our American Royals (yes, Harry and Meghan are our American Royals, we’ve claimed them), lol, that they can get through the media frenzy which will come if Harry and Meghan choose to attend.

There is talk that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, may or may not attend the coronation. While that would be epic for Prince Harry to do for his mental health because we all remeber that happened to Harry & Meghan when they went to the Queens funeral, it would see him evicerated by the media, and the royal cronies.

Prince Harry is in a no win situation. He has never been in a no win situation when it comes to his life being a royal. Let’s face it! His father is king. His brother is the Prince of Wales, and his wife is a global icon! It would take for Harry to completely seperate himself from the royal family 100%. That means cutting off his Mountbatton-Windsor family completely. However, Prince Harry is his mother child and he does not have the cut throat mentality that the Windsors have. Never have, never will!!

Previously, in the post, we said Harry and Meghan can choose to attend King Charles’s coronation, due to the media attacks the American Royals faced during the Queens funeral. According to Harper’s Baazar, King Charles’s coronation will be one hour long. Does the royal family really believe that they can pull off a full ass royal coronation in one hour? Charles has waited over 73 years to be king. We do not believe this event will take one hour. Here is the Queen’s coronation back in 1953.

There was so much diamond and goals dripping from here, that the current monarch Charles, III spokesperson said,

“The coronation will reflect the monarch’s role today and look toward the future, while being rooted in long-standing traditions and pageantry.”

As usual, only time will tell with the Windsors, but we will continue to support House Sussex.




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