In the news today….

What began as a post on blogger and owner Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram live about alleged business practices from media maven Karen Civil, turned into an explosive 🧨 event which rolled into the Clubhouse platform yesterday and into last night.

The Clubhouse page ran by, The Crenshaw District generated thousands of clubhouse followers in their room, exceeding the last number of Tesla Leader Elon Musk. Amazing! What I was able to take away from that Clubhouse session was this: being ethical is better than anything else.

The idea of someone being able to, on a large social media platform, call anyone out for alleged unethical business practices can harm you and your brand. What’s more important to note is that assumptions and mere accusations can tarnish your reputation in the blink of an eye.

The lesson learned from yesterday’s news is to always walk in your best business light. Will you always preserve? Maybe and maybe not! However, what you gain from having good business practices is never having to explain yourself in a Clubhouse room about alleged monies and services not rendered.

Happy Sunday,

4373fashionlane 👩🏽‍💻😉


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