Who’s responsible for getting women back to work?

Aren’t we as women responsible for our own career paths? Yes 🙌🏽 we are. I would revise this question by asking: What can we do to assist women to get back to work post Covid-19. From an article via, Business of Fashion, How fashion can get women back to work, details how one agency launched a learning academy.

Now that’s one way: education. It has always been the driving force to allow people to reshape their career tool sets and rethinking their dreams. Another way is Entrepreneurship. Starting your own business based solely on an idea of craft you are already good at. This is another way for you to get back into the work saddle.

Let’s us know what you think 🤔


4373fashionlane 👩🏽‍💻

📸 via Business of Fashion
All rights are to its owner

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