Hurricane Ida Chronicles Pt. 1

I can’t tell you all how difficult this journey since 8/29/2021 has been with a child with special needs, Autism specifically. My job has given me an ultimatum to return to work mode by 9/20. Or, my non return will be seen by them as my resignation if I do not return. I am out of PTO due to my on going health issues. Today I cried to my doctoral professor.

That was my first real cry since Hurricane Ida happened, and someone just listened. Thank you God! My professor asked if he could pray with me over the phone. He’s a real one. What I took away from today’s conversation was that it only takes one person to see the light in you.

Imagine: God sees the light in us daily. However, there are times when we just need a physical person to say, “I see you.” There is so much happening to my community in New Orleans. I don’t think we really had time to take stock into how the ramifications of how Hurricane Katrina would affect our mental health during this Hurricane Ida process.

We are still going through our homes, some not really repaired since Hurricane Katrina, 16 years ago. I know that’s surprising. Unfortunately, it’s a fact. I pray that you pray for us in Louisiana and especially New Orleans, because a lot of us are not ok presently. But, if New Orleans knows nothing else, we know resilience!


4373fashionlane ⚜️


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