The Problem with Kanye….

The people who have been shouting the most about the harmful antics of Kanye West were from the most marginalized communities in America: African Americans & African American Women. We are seperating the two for this blog post because Kanye treated both genders in the African American Community or AAC, very differently. Let us begin with the new of the morning. Balenciagia cuts ties with the artist, Kanye West. It has finally taken Balenciagia a few weeks to do something that the Black community as been asking for, for over a month. Kanye attacked Black fashion editor, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, at Vogue.

What’s more alarming is after Vogue stood up for their editor, Gabriella, Kanye doubled down and went to many news shows attacking so many people that we can not keep up with the long list. However, when he attacked the Jewish community the collective community gloves came off and he was deleted from Instagram and Twitter. Let’s circle back. Kanye has been a problem for YEARS!!!!

WHEN he embarassed the heavens out of Taylor Swift on a global stage, rightfully Kanye should have been cancelled. But, he was still was on good terms with Jay and Beyonce. We’re going to calling it like we see it. But, when Kanye went nuclear on Jay Z, and Beyonce, Lord help him. He was done. At the same time, Kanye had not burned his bridge with his wife and her family, so he continued to press on.

Now, since Kanye has officially burned his bridge with his wife and her family. He is on ice. The problem with Kanye boils down to one word: enabled. Kanye has been enabled for most of his career. It is only when his behavior is problematic to the global community, that has the big dollars, and clout, that enough is enough.

There has never been anyone to put the baby in the corner for timeout when he misbehaves. The money was to much to sit the baby in the corner. Therefore, people just danced, walked, and talked around the baby.

Now, the baby is a teenager and his childlike ways are traumatizing the neighborhood. This is the problem with Kanye.


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