Jennifer Lopez returns….Met Gala style

We all have been made away that Bennifer 2.0 is back. But, these lovers are more than a moniker. What they really represent is love rewarded. What does that mean? You can be totally in love with a man or woman and it just not work out. Fast forward years latter and that one person whom you never expected to return to you reappears.

Next, the stride you thought you lost re-emerges. In Ms. Lopez’s case, Bennifer 2.0 is the reconstituting of her resolve to be unabashedly happy without fear of public consumption of her relationship into its demise. You have to make a conjuring of strong stock to maintain a relationship when culture clashes are in existence. No one is really going there so we will. People we’re probably in Ben’s ear about the whole white/Hispanic relationship thing. He could have panicked.

Or, it’s possible that his history of addiction caused him to wander towards Ms. Gardner. At least that is what the gossips are saying. Nevertheless, these two star-crossed lovers are back like they never left. Today, Sept 14, should have been their wedding day all those years ago. However, here’s to their future as Mr. & Mrs. Everlasting Love 💕

Jennifer Lopez Wears a Ralph Lauren Dress to Met Gala in 2021
Image via Allure


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