How do we organize our power?

With the election fast approaching the question that was posed on the Breakfast Club was, how do we organize our power. The book by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is still prevelant in our times of political stress today.

Roland Martin, a democratic, political strategist and media mogol said, “Your opposition don’t just vote…if you want to see change it’s going to require people to be accountable.” The question is: How do we hold people accountable for the defecits in our communities? Answer: We organize. Well, how do we organize. We do it digitally, via Zoom, Social media platforms, at local libraries, coffee shops, etc. Next, we mobilize: If you see something happening in your community, you document it. Spead the word about the issue.

Next, you should know who the city, state and national representatives are for your neighborhoods. You should have their email, phone numbers, and their social media handles.

Here is the youtube full interview from Roland Martin on the Breakfast club. where Roland Martin conducted an hour long interview talking about how Blacks in America can get their power back. This is important to the combating of the horrid cultural trends hurting the community today.

Just like last week, Kanye West assalted Lizzo verbally about her weight, and the African American/Black community by wearing, w lives matter t shirts, now Kanye is assalting the Jewish community with his hateful words. T

he AA/Black community has been fighting the cultural poison of Kanye west for years. However, Kanye’s billionare status, and white allies continue to love and promote him. Now, we may finally be free from the hatred of Kanye West.

Yes, there are people from your own community who can work against the betterment of your community. Those kind of people are called Judas!

We hope you can take something away from this post and organize the needs of your communities. We can no longer allow people to hijack our communities. Get active! Organize, Empower, and more importantly, Vote!!!!




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