All Saints Day: A New Orleans Experience

Typically, you fill find true-blue, New Orleanians celebrating the tradition of All Saints Day by going to the graves of the family members. At those graves, all of the old flowers would be removed. Some families clean the grave headstones, and other graves will receive a fresh coat of paint. In New Orleans Creole families, this is a tradition passed down since 1718.

Image via Pinterest; Link from History of Creoles in Louisiana

Today, I too will be bringing flowers to my grandmother’s grave and cleaning any leaves of debris from it. It is a tradition that most New Orleanians do yearly without missing a beat. While many New Orleans Creole traditions seem to be leaving with the crisis of gentrification in New Orleans, the most historic ones have remained.

Image via Pinterest

Please indulge us with some of your, if any, All Saints Day traditions. Or, will you begin your own family tradition of All Saints Day?




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