A Royal Uproar about Sussex Titles!

What remains to be seen is the level of incandescent rage anti-Sussex folks are making about the royal titles for the children of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Sussex. The misogynoir aimed at the Duchess of Sussex is another reminder of how vile humans can be when filled with racism, and hatred for an interracial couple living life on their own terms.

Freedom can come at us at a certain cost. Dr. King knew it, and Malcolm X knew it as well. It is the freedom of royal strongholds and grey suits, which leave Harry and Meghan at the hilltop of these racist tropes hourly. This week, the King of England, King Charles, III, has finally updated the royal.uk website to include the birthrights of Prince Archie, and Princess Lilibet Diana of Sussex.

What could have been accomplished back in September 2022, after the passing of the children’s great-grandmother, has finally happened. Their royal birthrights have been publically acknowledged by the House of Windsor. Was this a royal slight against the freedom-loving Sussex, we say yes. However, others say no. But, what we can surmise is the difference in the amount of time it took the House of Windsor to change Prince WIlliam’s family titles and the slow pace it took to accomplish the same action towards, his brother, Prince Harry of Sussex.

What is next? The coronation! Will this birthright acknowledgment finally show the royal naysayers that Harry, Meghan, Archie, and LiliBet Diana of House Sussex, are not going anywhere? Grandma Princess Diana is in heaven watching and lighting her sage around them for heavenly protection with God’s tender care.

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