What’s Happening in Fashion?

Dearest Fashionlaner’s,

Let’s begin with Hi! How are you feeling today? We are all trying to decide how the economy is going to impact out outlook on our daily lives. According to The Business of Fashion, Chanel is halting Russians from shopping at their boutiques. It is being reported by, The Business of Fashion that a luxury shopper by the name of Lisa Litvin was in

Dubai, (so we can assume she has the funds), trying to purchase a lilac quiled Chanel bag. However, the SA in the Chanel boutique questioned the shopper, asking her if she were going back to Russia! Gasp!

The Chanel boutique wanted Ms. Litvin to sign a (Chanel produced form saying, her place of residence was not in Russia, and that she would not be bring the item back to Russia. Chile, Ms. Litvin was not having it at all. Who can blame her? As you all can imagine, Ms. Litvin was “humuliated, and felt was was being discriminated against.

Could Chanel face a lawsuit because of this? At the same time, Business of Fashion, reached out to Chanel for comment, in which the luxury house noted, “The restrictions, announced on March 15, 2022, prohibited the “[sale], supply, transfer or export, directly or indirectly, [of] luxury goods…to anybody in Russia or for use in Russia.”

Whew! Moreover, Chanel is working to make improvements to verify the residency of their customers. While Chanel recognizes, according to them, “that this process of walking through the law has caused disappointment to some of our clients, we apologise for any misunderstanding this may have caused, as welcoming all our clients, regardless of where they come from, is a priority for Chanel.”

Fashionlaner’s, what do you think? Is Chanel wrong? Should the world penalize Russian citizens for the actions of their government?

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Email us your thoughts at blog@4373fashionlane.com

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