What’s on sale in my Target Cartwheel app

Hey Fashion Dolls & Kens, 

My son and I spent the afternoon after his autism therapy session at target. While exploring and shopping at one of our favorite stores, Target, I realized that my cartwheel app has some goodies and deals I wanted to share. 

Makeup: 💞

5% off items: 

  1. cover girl cosmetics 
  2. L’Oreal mascara 
  3. Target brand beauty accessories

10% off items:

  1. NYC Color Lip & Nail Cosmetics 

15% off items: 

  1. Olay Active Botanicals 
  2. Burt’s Bees 

20% off items: 

  1. Creme of Nature hair products 
  2. No7 Skincare

25% off items:

  1. Sally Hansen Gel singles

Also, the makeup fairies were looking out for me because someone left a coupon for $3.00 off for Covergirl foundation 😻👍🏽. Additionally, I purchased three out of nine items listed. I can’t wait to try the foundation, of course, lol! There were also swim clothes and shoes 25% off for babies, kids and toddlers. This weeks goodies on the cartwheel app covered everything I needed: personal, cleaning, makeup, kid, etc,.

Finally, I was able to purchase my items and not break the bank. My total was $112. With the discounts on the cartwheel app and the 3.00 off coupon, I only spent 91.00. It would have been less, but I spent $11.99 for the Prince Collectors edition of Essence Magazine. Target continues to be one of my favorite places because my son is comfortable there, the deals are great and if I want Starbucks, it’s paradise⚜😎




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