Presidential Election 2016: The Chickens have come home to Roost.

I am on my blogging game now that the election is over. I have a lot of content to post with President Obama poised to leave office on a high note and that other guy. There is one important thing I realize the Republicans never took into account: what happens next for the most dangerous man to be elected into the White House since Andrew Jackson.

The most dangerous leader in the modern era has energized a section of white america that has popped out of the hate American bag. They are the private, closed minded, closed brained, clansmen and women who really hate America. They love white sheets more than they love white bread. They were drawn into the Trump hate rhetoric due to Trump’s own hate filled past beginning with his racist father.

This survey posted by shows how Clinton and Trump both received votes based on race and gender of the American voters. Sixty-three percent of white men voted for Trump. Fifty-two percent of white women voted for him. African American Women voted 93% Clinton. African American men voted 80% Clinton. Sadly, Trump received received 59% of the Hispanic vote. He received 17% of the African American vote, more votes than Mitt Romney in 2012.

As a country, we must do more to unify and realize that our democracy needs unification and deliverance.  Other nations are looking to us and we are letting them down.





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