Good Morning Dolls & Kens,

Let’s dive right in. We’re mulling over what to discuss and the topic of relationships his out hot topics discussion. What were some he he things we talked about? When to keep trying! Now, this topic is a mouthful. When should you keep trying in relationships? Is there a event that you know is a deal breaker? Cheating? Money issues? Mental breakdowns (kimye)? 

Is there ever an event when you know or you can say, you’ve done all that you have and it’s time to call it quits? Or, is there a cooling off period that needs to happen! I choose cooling off period. Other Dolls and Kens may choose closing shop on the relationship all together. At the end of the day, it is only the two people in the relationship that can make the final decision to either stay or go. 

-Lioness Stargazer 


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