Are you living your best life today?

♥♥♥The Atlanta Falcons have taught us one thing. If you do not continue the leads you have in life, by making them better the end is never certain. As bloggers it is our challenge to give our readers content they can sink their teeth into. However, what happens to we, the bloggers, when our gains drop off. Keep living and moving.

Motivational Monday and Super Soul Sunday were keys I used to assist me in getting back on the blogging horse.I had a recent death in my family, my mother in law, and I needed a break. My mother in law had a horrible way to go: Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I pray you all never witness a family member pass away from the combination of these two at the same time. It pained me so much to go to my in laws home and see my mother in law suffering.

Since she had a husband, and children; was it my place to voice any concerns, I may have had about her care, eating, doctor visits, etc? No. I could only express to my husband to go see his mother and make sure she was being cared for. She was young and vibrant. She was an amazing woman, wife, mother and human being. Over one hundred people were in attendance at her Mass and funeral.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the service and that was the least I could do. It was a beautiful service. The priest told me I did a great job. ♥♥♥

Are you living your best life today? If not,  write a note in your planners (yes, buy yourself a planner to stay organized), and make goals and objectives you can maintain. Life is not certain. We do not know the time and date of our transitions. However, we can make goals and objective to live our best lives, so we can have the words spoken at our funerals fit our true character.

Be blessed and live your best life today♦♦


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