Take some, “me time,” for yourself! 

​I am tired. I need a vacation and Spring Break isn’t here fast enough. My students are all cranky with colds and such. My husband is working my nerves and my son is the only person who is doing what’s asked of him. Soooooo, I am in need of some, Me Time! How do you carve time out for yourself? 

  1. I gave my husband time for him and my son so I can escape to see a movie and grab a salad at my favorite place in New Orleans. 
  2. I travel far enough so I can take a long drive sight seeing in town.
  3. Go to A book store or music store and browse through the store. 
  4. Get a coffee or tea from Starbucks. 
  5. If you are an educator, take your planning hour and take a drive and escape for the hour, but go back to work 🤣
  6. If you are a single parent, take the kids on an adventure and tour the city and find free places to visit and take selfies of your trip. 

Happy Sailing ⛵️ 


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