Good Morning Lovies….Beauty Guru drama and companies should look at bloggers for the real makeup reviews..

It’s 11am my time. I had a restless night thinking about this trip to Yale, with excitement. Up blogging and posting on social media, and trying to understand why some beauty guru’s are not appreciative of the luxuries they receive. Sit down and listen…..Last night Jackie Aina and Jeffree Star were going at it pretty crazy. He began by calling her a rat and she called him Janice Starr (which I think is quite funny). He should come out with another liquid lipstick called Janice. I said it first. Do you think he will credit me???? Maybe not, lol!!!!

This all began from a video Jackie posted:

This is so unimportant in the grand scope of things. These beauty gurus are making money off of beauty products, going on expensive trips and getting free makeup. Why are they so pressed!! I don’t get it. I need these cosmetics brands to open their eyes. We, true blue bloggers, are the ones who should receive the PR. These gurus are just playing!!!! In my opinion.




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