Why is Angela White (Blac Chyna) hated so much?

Who is Angela White? She is a business woman, mother and ex fiance of Rob Kardashian. I do not have a lot to say on this subject. Most of you can find out more information on youtube. What I will say is this: slut shaming and revenge porn are considered crimes and something our society cannot condone. It should not matter if the person has a past that is not your taste or moral standard.

What matters is that Angela was a woman in a relationship with a man that ended. She moved on. The man was angry (allegedly) about the ending and continued to seek the woman out. The woman was tired of it and sent, said man a clip of her kissing another guy. The ex, used intimate pictures of this woman and made a mockery of her for the entire world to see. She is now the butt of many jokes – all cruel – and at her expense.

She has young children. A beautiful daughter with said ex fiance. The fiance did not care about the repercussions of his actions. He wanted to hurt Angela. He wanted to ruin her! Moral of the story!! Hate is only temporary. A woman can always get back up and dust herself off. We should never slam each other as woman. Hate is so 1917!!!


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