When youtubers say racist things!!

I have been gone for a minute posting on the site. I have been back to teaching scholars in the classroom and living the life as a mom to a child with Autism. I have been paying attention and there are things we must discuss. Famed youtube maven, Katheleen Lights has found herself on the beauty chopping block due to her racist comments with another Youtube, Jaclyn Hill. Jaclyn Hill was snapchatting the other night and managed, (how convenient), to catch Ms. Lights saying the n word, in front of other non African American people (mainly their husbands).

Kathleen’s husband can be heard telling Jaclyn not to post the racist part and Jaclyn, later claims, she did not hear the comment being made until after she posted the snapchat (without editing it, proofing it)? I am surprised, Jaclyn did not spot check her snap beforehand. Or, was this a plan to go after Kathleen? This is a rumor all over social media right now.

Unfortunately, I have a question. Why are you so comfortable, Ms. Lights, in saying racist comments anyway? You knew from the beginning that saying the (n word) is blasphemy to the African American community. You have African American following you all on social media. You know Jaclyn was videoing you. Are you crazy?

Here is a video from, Hereforthetea2 on the racist comment:


I am tired of these youtubers and social media people who think saying racist comments and words are ok. In the African American community, we fight the stereotypes displayed on us daily, now this is another one to add to the post. Our fight continues to move on as we try to eradicate racism from the world.


Lioness Stargazer

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