Sunday Blog: Feb 25, 2018

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Good Morning Loves, 

Today is skincare sunday, fashion show watching on youtube and getting ready for this incoming work and mommyhood week with my Lambchop. I spent all day yesterday with my alumni association. I serve as president and I am building their stand alone alumni association website and I am their social media chairwoman. What can I say, I love social media, blogging and making sure I give back to my university local community.

Last night was Domino’s pizza, lemonade, and Netflix. Lambchop is spending the weekend with his Nana, so mommy has a little break until later on today. In today’s episode of Skincare Sunday. I am using my fan favorite: L’Oreal Pure-Clay Argile Mask (Red clay mask). When my skin is crying for an exfoliation, this is my go to mask. Thus, I am spending the rest of the day working out, blogging and relaxing. 



hotsauce bag swag


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