British Royals Attack Duchess Meghan! Duchess Meghan Markle is not a bully.

The Duchess of Sussex is no bully. The Times UK (a supposed) reputable publication, alleges the Duchess bullied, almost three years ago by former palace aids. If I was a victim of bullying by someone powerful, I would not hold on to this for almost three years.

The Palace, Buckingham Palace, is now saying they will investigate the bullying claims made against the Duchess. We call hogwash on all of this.

The Duchess is fighting back. According to the Duchess is said to be saddened by this latest attack against her. The article goes on to continue that, “Meghan will keep striving to set an example for doing what is right and doing what is good.”

Listen, strong women are always called bullies. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has always been attacked by those supposedly close in the Palace. This is the main reason her husband, Prince Harry, was itching to leave. Even the Prince was sick and tired of his wife being attacked.

Princess Diana was accused of being a difficult woman as well:

Americans are always seen as bullies. Folks are mad our American married a Prince, and had a heir to the British throne. And, she has the audacity to be pregnant with a second heir to their British throne! How dare she! Yes! How dare our sweet American, indeed!




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