4373fashionlane, LLC: Business Coaching is possible!!!!

Sometimes it takes a monumental event like COVID-19, to kick start a career into a new lane. For me, career and business coaching has always been a niche for me.

I am a Career and Technical Educator for at risk students. In the last four years that has been my focus. Training and teaching young adults to visualize their ability to be and remain successful.

Now, I am taking those same skills, and plans to develop a business where I help professionals and adults. The name of the business is 4373fashionlane, LLC.

Why do it now? Why not! Now, more than ever people are thinking of ways to expand their financial growth. But, how do they do that is the question? Many people do not have a starting place. I am aiming to change that.

Step 1: What makes you happy that you feel others will enjoy as well? Think about the answer to that question and send me an email if you want to hear more: info@4373fashionlane.com




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