Who’s responsible for getting women back to work?

December 2021 Update:

Since embarking on the journey of Entrepreneurship, one of the many things I’ve notice is my push for more women to explore what makes them happy. One example is my sister. She works for a private company, but when COVID-19 hit she began making face masks. She already knew how to sew and had a sewing machine. Thus, she began strait away making masks for friends, family and co workers. She actually made money doing what she loved all while helping our community.

The moral of this short update is: Continue withy your passion and use that you venture into your own business.

Aren’t we as women responsible for our own career paths? Yes 🙌🏽 we are. I would revise this question by asking: What can we do to assist women to …

Who’s responsible for getting women back to work?

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