Watering your gardens 

​Your spirit is your garden. Everything that you do in life is either watering that garden or drying your garden out. Can you say you are actively watering your gardens daily? Sometimes, I neglect my garden. I don’t drink enough water. I fall asleep with my makeup on. I use curse words, etc. 
How do we get back to faithful watering our gardens? We listen to God and our spirit. This is how you re water your neglected gardens. It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Instead of being with the masses, I am focusing on watering my garden. Activities are planned to assist me in doing this: not all in this exact order. 

  • 1. Sitter for my son
  • 2. Blogging 
  • 3. Housecleaning 
  • 4. Shopping
  • 5. Relaxing 
  • 6. Husband/Wife time

I can’t see my garden returning to its glory, unless I water it. So, today make/list six ways you will water your garden in your planner and begin the process. 



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