The most difficult girls are worth it!

You work hard at work. You work to be a good honey, lover, friend and mother. Yet, for a lot of women, who are called difficult, the love (pat on the back), isn’t there. Guess what! Who the hell cares. They (he) calls you difficult. Then you turn around and tell him that there are many men wishing every day they had a woman like you. 

You remind him that, before you, what exactly did he have. Before you, who made him smile, cleaned his clothes? Who made love to him until he screamed? You! The difficult woman. The one with the loud 👄 

Women, never let a man put his foot on your neck. Never let a man make you feel insignificant. You are a woman. If you are helping pay bills, caring for the children and being his rock, how dare he call you difficult😡 

As I read this tweet today about women being called difficult due to their standards, I had to write this post. You are not difficult. You are a WOMAN. You are the ESSENCE of Man. You are loved! Get your happy back😘😍

Love you so much, 

Lioness Stargazer 🌺👸🏽


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